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Avoid the pitfalls of online marketing

Companies who successfully use Internet social networking for marketing are more akin to party planners and event managers than traditional advertisers

24 out 25 newspapers are seeing a decline in circulation and revenue. Is social networking a passing fad or the biggest shift in economics since the industrial revolution?

Online marketing can be an expensive minefield for the uninitiated. Social networking, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. What do these mean? Why are they so essential to any 21st c. marketing campaign?

'Social Networking' is 'Web2'. The web has become a hub of social networking; a phenomenon that is here to stay.

Not only does social networking allow a business to stay in contact with old and new clients, used correctly, it has a dramatic effect on the rankings of search engines. Giants like Google have been quick to realise the power of social networking and now rank more highly websites who utilise social networking effectively.

Warren James Palmer has been involved with online marketing and web development since 1995. That's the dawn of the Internet.  Years of experience means that you don't have to become a frustrated victim of modern multi media marketing. Let a professional guide you.


The fastest growing age group in social networking are the 55-65yr olds.

Imagery counts as never before. 'Web2' is all about social networking and multi-media. That means imagery and video....

Marketing Video for Lasham Gliding Society


In a crowded market, how you appear to potential customers is crucial. Not only that, but imagery is vital to any social networking campaign. A video on the front page of your website not only makes your site more appealing, it can have a dramatic effect on your search engine rankings.

Warren James Palmer has been a commercial photographer since the 1980's and has vast experience of producing advertising and marketing images.


Combining still photography and video, Warren specialises in producing video streaming content that is ideal for promoting businesses via the web.




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