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Web technology has moved so rapidly in the past few years, it has become virtually impossible for the layman to keep abreast of the latest developments.

WJPmedia aims to maintain a view of the 'Big Picture'; without bias.

It's all about the 'Big Picture'; if you can't see the wood for the trees, ambitions rapidly become project nightmares. Our job is to keep a 'perspective' so that dreams can become realities. Technology should be our slave, not our master...

In the beginning there were simple web pages, devoid of any 'interactivity'. Then someone figured how to entice flat-html to interact with a basic computer script.

In the few short years since that time, the world has changed dramatically and the Internet has been at the centre of that whirlwind of change.

E-commerce, Dot-Boom, Dot-Bust... And now the key words on everyone's lips; 'Web Services' and 'Web Applications'.

These phrases are confusing enough, without adding the corporation hype of the 'latest technology'. Java, JSP, .Net... Where do you start without falling at the first hurdle?

WJPMedia has been involved since the start. We've seen the technology change on an almost month by month basis. What's more, we've had to use it on countless projects. Some more successful than others...

So, it's fair to say that in Internet terms, we're now veterans of the game. And we know how to play it.

The idea of this site is to explain and perhaps dispel some of the mythology surrounding 'web development'. Hopefully, you'll gain a valuable insight into what the excitement is all about.

You might even be sufficiently encouraged to contact us about your own project (large or small!).

So stick with us, the journey's only just begun..


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