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Pay per click - It's all about 'return on investment'

We've optimised for the search engines, so why do we need 'pay per click' ?

There are millions of websites out there in the ether. Is it likely that we can optimise your website so that it's sitting at the top of the search engines for every single relevant keyword?

Er no... with the best will in the world we might get your site to the top of the rankings for a good selection of keywords, but every single variation? In a crowded market of thousands? Not a chance. And don't let anybody try to convince you otherwise!

Pay per click allows a business to reach out directly to potential clients.

You pay only for each time a potential client clicks on a link to your website. Great eh? Well, yes and no...remember rule no1? 'It's all about return on investment'. It's very easy with pay per click to spend more on your 'pay per click' campaign than the income it actually generates- which is a bad thing......

However, with careful management and constant vigilance it is possible to ensure a good 'return on investment' from pay per click.

WJP has many years of working with 'pay per click' campaigns and is experienced in maximising the return on your investment. Working with pay per click campaigns are part of our marketing packages.


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