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Search Engine Optimisation basically means improving the position of your website in the listings of search engines. And when we are talking about search engine, we basically mean Google, Yahoo and Bing. In that order.

SEO is time consuming and although not technically difficult, it is well, fiddly...

You have to invest the time to get the results. And in today's market, your rankings means income. The lower your rankings in the search engines, the less chance you have of being seen by potential clients.  If your rankings are on the first page of the giant Google, then your business is going to be the one getting the enquiries.

There are people out there who believe there is a way to 'cheat' the system and get a website to the top of the search engines using 'secret algorithms'. Well, believe me when I say this is a sure fire way to get your website 'blacklisted' and disappear into the ether!

The only way to approach SEO is with a robust, well thought out campaign which includes key-wording, links, Web2 and multi media.

How do I know this? Pure experience...

And it's that experience which I offer in our marketing packages.

SEO & online marketing  - We optimise and manage your marketing campaigns on a regular basis

  • Monthly keyword optimisation based upon traffic and rankings
  • Regular link exchange with valid and relevant sites
  • Google and Yahoo adword campaign analysis
  • Regular 'blogging' which link to Facebook and Twitter
  • Quality content updates to your Facebooks and Twitter pages
  • Regular update to FlickR and YouTube (where material available)

  • 6 month campaign - optimising online marketing campaigns
    (adwords/SEO/social networking).


  •  12 month campaign -  optimising online marketing campaigns
    (adwords/SEO/social networking)




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