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Social Networking what's that all about?

'Social Networking' is 'Web2'. The web has become a hub of social networking; a phenomenon that is here to stay.

Until a few years ago the web was populated with 'shop windows' peppered with the odd chat forum. That was 'Web1'.

The rise of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and FlickR changed all that forever. Now there are millions of people chatting, commenting and 'linking' on these sites every minute of every day. You make a comment about a product on Facebook and Twitter and within moments your comment is sitting on the desk of Big Man, Big Corporation Inc. This is 'Web2'.

Social Networking has to be core to any online marketing campaign.

Not only does social networking allow a business to stay in contact with old and new clients, used correctly, it has a dramatic effect on the rankings of search engines. Giants like Google have been quick to realise the power of social networking and now rank more highly websites who utilise social networking effectively.

Social Networking is core to all of WJP's marketing campaigns. Our marketing packages are based around Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

WJP specialises in websites which link to social networking sites. WJP also specialises in YouTube videos which promote your business and improve your search engine rankings.

The fastest growing age group in social networking are the 55-65yr olds.

SEO & online marketing  - We optimise and manage your marketing campaigns on a regular basis

  • Monthly keyword optimisation based upon traffic and rankings
  • Regular link exchange with valid and relevant sites
  • Google and Yahoo adword campaign analysis
  • Regular 'blogging' which link to Facebook and Twitter
  • Quality content updates to your Facebooks and Twitter pages
  • Regular update to FlickR and YouTube (where material available)

  • 6 month campaign - optimising online marketing campaigns
    (adwords/SEO/social networking).


  •  12 month campaign -  optimising online marketing campaigns
    (adwords/SEO/social networking)



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